“You’re a part of a community at a Sharks game. We want more of that in our world where so many are stuck on devices in isolation.”

First, read Ch. 7: Setting Prices for Sports & Entertainment. Then, check out the article, "NHL teams aim to fill arenas, drawing fans away from screens."

  1. Who does the VP of the San Jose Sharks say is their biggest competitor?
  2. Are people more price sensitive when they're sitting at home alone or with friends looking for a fun night out? As a ticket seller, is it then a good idea to focus mostly on price advertisements or discounts?
  3. Can you get the 4 F's or 4 E's from binge-watching Netflix? What does both the article and Ch. 7 say sports marketers should emphasize to fans?
  4. Instead of offering ticket discounts after a down attendance season, what strategy did the Carolina Hurricanes take to fill seats and maximize profits?

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