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1A Conceptual Framework for Retro Marketing in SportScola, Zach; Gordon, Brian S.Sport Marketing Quarterly2018How can teams utilize retro marketing to remind fans of the team's past?
2A fan's search for meaning: Testing the dimensionality of sport fan superstitionDwyer, Brendan; Slavich, Mark A.; Gellock, Jennifer L.Sport Management Review (Elsevier Science)2018How do fans' superstitions or rituals affect their in-game experience, including mood and consumption?
3A Hierarchical Approach for Predicting Sport Consumption Behavior: A Personality and Needs PerspectiveYong Jae Ko; Yonghwan Chang; Wonseok Jang; Sagas, Michael; Otto Spengler, JohnJournal of Sport Management2017How do fans' personalities affect their needs for achievement, affiliation, and arousal?
4A Study on Souvenir Purchase Behavior of Sports TouristsHsiu-Chin Huang; Tsung-Liang Lin; Chia-Ming ChangInternational Journal of Organizational InnovationJan 2017How do brand awareness, price promotions, and impulsivity interact in fan buying behavior?
5An Examination of Employees' Response to Sponsorship: The Role of Team IdentificationDemirel, Abdullah; Fink, Janet; McKelvey, SteveSport Marketing Quarterly2018How does a sports partnership affect the employees of the company?
6An Experimental Approach to Assessing the Effectiveness of Official Sponsor Designations in an Ambush Marketing ScenarioBrownlee, Eric; Greenwell, T. Christopher; Moorman, AnitaSport Marketing Quarterly2018Are there measurable benefits in being a team's official sponsor?
7Are rival team fans a curse for home team sponsors? The moderating effects of fit, oppositional loyalty, and league sponsoringOlson, Erik L.Marketing LettersMar 2018Does fan passion for a team or athlete work against the sponsors of the fan's hated rivals?
8Assessing corporate demand for sponsorship: marketing costs in the financial services industryJensen, JonathanMarketing LettersJun 2017What effects the cost of a sports sponsorship?
9Be Like Mike: The Role of Social Identification in Athlete EndorsementsCarlson, Brad D.; Donavan, D. ToddSport Marketing QuarterlySep 2017Brand identification: When can a poor-fitting endorsement lead to positive brand outcomes?
10Can winning take care of everything? A longitudinal assessment of post-transgression actions on repairing trust in an athlete endorserLee, Joon Sung; Kwak, Dae HeeSport Management Review (Elsevier Science)Jun 2017Can players earn back fans' love and trust after bad behavior?
11Consumer Attitudes toward Sponsors' Counterambush Marketing AdsKoenigstorfer, Joerg; Uhrich, SebastianPsychology & MarketingJun 2017Should sponsors use humor, shaming, or education to counter ambush marketing?
12Consumer experience quality: A review and extension of the sport management literatureYoshida, MasayukiSport Management Review (Elsevier Science)Nov 2017
13Consumer-based brand equity of a destination for sport tourists versus non-sport touristsTasci, Asli D. A.; Hahm, Jeeyeon (Jeannie); Breiter-Terry, DeborahJournal of Vacation MarketingJan 2018
14Consumers' Perceived Value of Sport Team Games--A Multidimensional ApproachKunkel, Thilo; Doyle, Jason Patrick; Berlin, AlexanderJournal of Sport ManagementJan 2017
15Daily Fantasy Football and Self-Reported Problem Behavior in the United StatesDwyer, Brendan; Shapiro, Stephen L.; Drayer, JorisJournal of Gambling StudiesSep 2018
16Effects of social identity and schadenfreude on attitude toward brand sponsoring an instant replay review: The moderating role of rivalry and suspenseKim, Jihoon (Jay); Kim, JooyoungJournal of Consumer BehaviourNov/Dec 2018
17Engagement in sports virtual brand communitiesAlonso-Dos-Santos, Manuel; Rejón Guardia, Francisco; Pérez Campos, Carlos; Calabuig-Moreno, Ferran; Ko, Yong JaeJournal of Business ResearchAug 2018
18Enhancing Service LoyaltyAhrholdt, Dennis C.; Gudergan, Siegfried P.; Ringle, Christian M.Journal of Travel ResearchApr 2017
19eSport management: Embracing eSport education and research opportunitiesFunk, Daniel C.; Pizzo, Anthony D.; Baker, Bradley J.Sport Management Review (Elsevier Science)Feb 2018
20Examining the impact of celebrity endorsements across consumer segments: an empirical study of Tiger Woods’ endorsement effect on golf equipmentDerdenger, Timothy P.Marketing LettersJun 2018
21Existence of Mixed Emotions During Consumption of a Sporting Event: A Real-Time Measure ApproachJun Woo Kim; Magnusen, Marshall; Hyun-Woo LeeJournal of Sport ManagementJul 2017
22Explaining attendance through the brand community triad: Integrating network theory and team identificationKatz, Matthew; Ward, Rose Marie; Heere, BobSport Management Review (Elsevier Science)Apr 2018
23Exploring the Patterns of Dual Attitude Changes in the Context of Athlete Endorsement: The Interplay of Fit, Evaluative Conditioning, and Introspection Focus.Chang, YonghwanJournal of Sport ManagementSep 2018
24From passion to obsession: Development and validation of a scale to measure compulsive sport consumptionAiken, Kirk Damon; Bee, Colleen; Walker, NefertitiJournal of Business ResearchJun 2018
25From the Front Lines to the Halls of Academia: Charting Ambush Marketing DiscourseMcKelvey, StephenSport & Entertainment ReviewOct 2017
26How Related Multiscreening Could Positively Affect Advertising OutcomesSegijn, Claire M.; Voorveld, Hilde A.M.; Smit, Edith G.Journal of Advertising2017
27Implicit and Explicit Affective Evaluations of Athlete Brands: The Associative Evaluation–Emotional Appraisal–Intention Model of Athlete EndorsementsChang, Yonghwan; Ko, Yong Jae; Carlson, Brad D.Journal of Sport ManagementNov 2018
28Inferring Corporate Motives: How Deal Characteristics Shape Sponsorship PerceptionsWoisetschläger, David M.; Backhaus, Christof; Bettina Cornwell, T.Journal of MarketingSep 2017
29Is There Economic Discrimination on Sport Social Media? An Analysis of Major League BaseballWatanabe, Nicholas M.; Yan, Grace; Soebbing, Brian P.; Pegoraro, AnnJournal of Sport ManagementJul 2017
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33Racial Discrimination and Statistical Discrimination: MLB Rookie Card Values and Performance UncertaintyBurge, Gregory S.; Zillante, ArthurSocial Science Quarterly (Wiley-Blackwell)Nov 2017
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38The Demand for Licensed Merchandise in Sports--On the Purchase Channel ChoiceNalbantis, Georgios; Fahrner, Marcel; Pawlowski, TimJournal of Sport ManagementSep 2017
39The Effects of Consumer Innovativeness on Sport Team Applications Acceptance and UsageYongjae Kim; Soojin Kim; Rogol, ElizabethJournal of Sport ManagementMay 2017
40The Effects of Implicit Team Identification (iTeam ID) on Revisit and WOM Intentions: A Moderated Mediation of Emotions and FlowChang, Yonghwan; Wann, Daniel L.; Inoue, YuheiJournal of Sport ManagementJul 2018
41The Impact of Rivalry Antecedents on Mediated Demand for an Individual SportReams, Lamar; Eddy, TerrySport Marketing QuarterlyDec 2017
42The Influence of Emotions on Game and Service Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention in Winning and Losing Situations: Moderating Effect of Identification with the TeamYim, Brian H.; Byon, Kevin K.Sport Marketing Quarterly2018
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44The paradoxical relationship between fantasy football and NFL consumption: Conflict development and consumer coping mechanismsYuksel, Mujde; McDonald, Mark A.; Milne, George R.; Darmody, AronSport Management Review (Elsevier Science)Apr 2017
45Ticket Sales Outsourcing Performance Measures Using Balanced Scorecard and Analytic Hierarchy Process Combined ModelSeungbum Lee; Brownlee, Eric; Yongjae Kim; Soonhwan LeeSport Marketing QuarterlyJun 2017
46To Extend or Not Extend a Human Brand: An Analysis of Perceived Fit and Attitudes Toward Athlete Brand ExtensionsWalsh, Patrick; Williams, AntonioJournal of Sport ManagementJan 2017
47To post or not to post: social media sharing and sporting event performancePrado‐Gascó, Vicente; Calabuig Moreno, Ferran; Añó Sanz, Vicente; Núñez‐Pomar, Juan; Crespo Hervás, JosepPsychology & MarketingNov 2017
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50Worth the Price of Admission? The Mediating Effect of Perceived Value on Ticket Purchase IntentionDrayer, Joris; Shapiro, Stephen L.; Dwyer, BrendanSport Marketing Quarterly2018