Here you will find recent articles and questions related to each chapter, a resource for educators and learners to discuss the application of Team Sports Marketing principles.


Introduction: What is Sports Marketing? Chargers Move to LA

NFL Jersey Sales

  Chipotle vs. Sports
Chapter 1: Intro to Team Sports Marketing Vikings Virtual Reality Experience
  Sports Sponsorships Bring Brands to Life
Chapter 2: Fan Identification & Passion Ranking the Best MLB Ballpark Promotions of 2016
Chapter 3: Customer Relationship Management Pokemon Go - Use augmented reality at sporting events?
Chapter 4: Data Analytics New Rumpelstiltskin: Are data trackers in the sports world "spinning data into gold?"
Chapter 5: Selling Season Tickets How millennials are changing the game for ticket selling
Chapter 6: Foundations for Setting Ticket Prices Suing season ticket holders?
Chapter 7: Setting Prices for Sports & Entertainment Cubs resale tickets averaging $750
Chapter 9: Managing the Sportscape Gameday apps: Increasing fan involvement & excitement
Chapter 10: Moving merchandise Chicago Cub success off the field: Moving the merchandise
Chapter 11: Technology and Online Retailing NFL and Technology—the “No Fun League” or “New Frontiers League”?
Chapter 12: Building Community Fan, follower, or friends? How social media drives sales in sports
Chapter 13: Affinity Transfer Model What teams have the best digital sports sponsorship activation?


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