Legendhairy Greats: #NHL teams up with Great Clips to promote NHL stars

Legendhairy Greats: NHL teams up with Great Clips to promote NHL stars

First, watch the video below

Read Chapter 12: Promotion Campaigns. 

For more info, check out this article about the NHL-Great Clips promotion campaign.

  1. Who is the target market that Great Clips and the NHL are trying to reach with this ad campaign? Identify some key characteristics. Use the Customer Segment Profiles exhibit on millennials in Chapter 12 for examples.
  2. What do you think is the goal of the Legendhairy Greats campaign for a) Great Clips and b) the NHL?
  3. Sponsorship spending was $559 million within the NHL in 2017. How can the NHL measure whether their goals were obtained and whether Great Clips is getting a good ROI?
  4. Evaluate this promotion idea with the Big Idea Checklist in Chapter 12.
  5. Do you think this campaign “tells a good story?”
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