Brain vs Brawn: How does fan identification relate to the rise of fantasy and e-sports?

First, read Chapter 2: Fan Identification & Passion. Then, check out the article, How the fantasy sports boom reflects the changing nature of masculinity. 

  1. How does the author of the article describe how male identity has changed over the last 100 years? How might this cultural shift affect a person's ability to identify (as defined in Ch. 2) with pro sports players?
  2. The author states, "Brawn, however, counts for much less on a résumé in 2019. And fantasy sports offer men similar metaphors of what work should be rewarded." How might attraction, similarity, and identification explain the rise in fantasy sports? What about e-sports?
  3. What are the consumption behaviors that result from identification?
  4. Assuming the cultural shift described in the article is accurate, what should sports teams be promoting or investing in in order to increase fan involvement?

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