Another Failed Football league – At least their in-game app is sweet

Check out the article, AAF Reportedly Suspends Operations, Bequeathing Tech Platform as Legacy

[Edit: Also check out Dr. W's article, Why the AAF was Doomed to Fail.]

You may want to save yourself $70 million and return to Chapter 6 on why alternative football leagues aren't a good idea. So while we had more hope for the AAF, it's not surprising to see it go the same way as the WFL, XFL, UFL, AFL, and the new XFL coming in 2020. (Yes, we are already expecting that one to join the list.)

In more exciting news, the AAF's app looks like the kind of in-game experience that fans are looking for.

  1. What does AAF's in-game app offer that is new to the market?
  2. What do we learn from the Technology Acceptance Model (Chapter 11) about what sports marketers should consider before adopting new technology?
  3. Does your favorite sports team value the fan's in-game technology experience? What prevents organizations from being technology innovators?

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