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About Team Sports Marketing

Team Sports Marketing is written from a perspective of those working or seeking careers in the field of sports & entertainment. Academics and practitioners can appreciate the usefulness of an annually updated text based on marketing theory & research and extensive experience in the field. Students will enjoy the creative writing style aimed at their understanding and retaining the material, the low subscription fee ($25), and the availability of the text on phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

Want even more content? Head over to Forbes SportsMoney to read recent articles from the author of Team Sports Marketing, Dr. Kirk Wakefield.

Chapter content is updated annually so instructors, students, and managers receive the latest best practices and insights into sports & entertainment marketing. The interactive nature of the online community allows professors and professionals to offer input to the materials and insights available on the site. Since today’s learners always have their iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device in hand, the book is available 24/7.

In an ecological and economic sense, you and your students can save green using Team Sports Marketing in the classroom. First, no trees were killed in the production of this website. Second, the student subscription rate of $25 fox six months offers great value compared to quickly out-dated hard copy textbooks. For those wanting a lifetime subscription, the $100 subscription still compares favorably with hard copy texts.

As a professor, your work may already be cited in Team Sports Marketing. If not, we are always looking for published empirical studies that would add to our understanding! Please submit the citation reference, a PDF or link to the article, and your suggestion of where it fits to The Author. You may also want to submit a blog/article related to the Baylor S3 Report or to use with one of the text sections. Please email or call.

Instructors or organizational buyers wishing to review the text may email The Marketing Manager for free access to the text and instructor’s materials. For each chapter, Team Sports Marketing includes (a) PowerPoint slides containing class exercises and discussion (b) list of key terms & chapter essay question, (c) multiple choice test bank questions, and (d) weekly articles with questions related to each chapter.

2018-19 Updates

We added Chapter 12 on Promotion Campaigns: How to Promote a League, Team, Player or You and updated Chapter 6 on factors predicting MLB attendance and pricing decisions. [1] Baylor University participates in the Fox Sports University program. The new Chapter 12 provides a brief outline of producing an ad campaign for competitions. Hopefully students will be further motivated to take advertising and digital marketing courses to build out their skills.

We also added “Research Readings” under The Text. This has 50 sports marketing articles published in the last 2 years. We are in the process of adding discussion questions so that these could easily be used in class. has  in the last two years. 



  1. [1]Updated quizzes are available to instructors in the Canvas quiz folder.